Sociable Changelog

1.1.0 – 21/Jun/2020

+ New Komento plugin for adding activities/points to Sociable
+ New JComment plugin for adding activities/points to Sociable
+ Added remove activity API function
+ Joomla 4 beta 1 support added
^ Show topic details in a card-body for better visibility
^ Show topic details in a boxed layout for better visibility
* Pagination in groups listing is not responsive
* The like/dislike button is too big on bootstrap4 layout
* User is autoactivated with social login even if admin approval is enabled
* Event map do not show after saving the event, shows only after refresh
* Group access level does not restrict users from seeing groups
* Page is not redirected to groups listing after creating a new group
* Users are not restricted to create the groups with same title of an existing group
* Clicking on cancel button on group form page takes nowhere
* Unable to use events without having Google Maps Key
* When editing the group, new group is created instead of saving it

1.0.7 – 19/Apr/2020

+ Send notification to the user when a friend request is made or accepted
+ Added support for selecting and showing event location on Google Map
* Wrong friend status shown on the members' list page
* Unable to delete the groups permanently
* Edit group link is shown to all users with creating group permission
* Feature button in profiles listing page is not working
* User cannot logout from the system when using Users - Logout menu item
* Comments on photos are not saved when clicking on the post button
* Like/dislike buttons on photos do not work

1.0.6 – 25/Mar/2020

+ Added option to select the default profile in the registration form

1.0.5 – 20/Mar/2020

+ Added support for showing privacy policy agreement system field

1.0.4 – 18/Mar/2020

+ Added new Sociable login page

1.0.3 – 23/Feb/2020

+ Added support for User profile plugins in the registration form

1.0.2 – 22/Feb/2020

+ Added new registration page for replacing Joomla registration form
+ Added new option to configure the date format of events
* Avatar's "original" directory is not created by installer causing errors
* Points rules and activity rules buttons in backend dashboard are not working 
* Fixed the typo in a language string
* Pagination in groups list is not shown when navigating page directly
* Edit group button is hidden to the group owner

1.0.1 – 26/Dec/2019

+ Added new option to restrict allowed file types on the media forms
^ Addjusted privacy selection box width to automatically adjust the content
^ Joomla 4 compatibility updates
* Points rules are not scanned automatically
* Activity like/dislike buttons do not work with bootstrap2 layout
* Labels on Photos/album form are not translated
* Unable to edit profile type in the backend when multi-language enabled
* Profile URLs do not load properly when SEF URLs enabled

1.0.0 – 15/Aug/2019

* First release